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NOBELIZE is for your eyes


Do you ever notice that we watch many high-rated movies and books, but they do not affect our life routine as much as we expect? For example, we might watch a highly-rated movie that intends to inspire us to be more determined. While we may believe in the movie's message, in practice, after watching it, we do not behave more determinedly in our daily lives. Is there an issue with these movies and books, or is it our fault?


It is our fault. It is our beliefs' fault. In these cases, we possess internalized beliefs and habits that prevent new beliefs or habits from entering our minds and actions. So, for the main lessons of movies ?to be more effective for us, first, we need to identify our limiting beliefs, and then remove or transform them. But how


This publisher takes pride in helping you overcome the beliefs that hold you back from personal growth. We extract the limiting beliefs from your language using cognitive science and linguistics, as a new academic method. Additionally, we provide solutions based on valuable books and movies to help you remove or transform these beliefs. By reading NOBELIZE books, you will not only gain fresh insights into movies and books but also prepare your mind to experience life-changing lessons. So introduce us to others, because NOBELIZE is for your eyes.